Virtual Observatory Clients and Visualisers

The ASPID-SR archive provides integration with some of existing Virtual Observatory client software. To deal with longslit- and 3D- spectroscopic science-ready datasets provided by ASPID-SR, you may want to use VO-Paris Euro3D Client, CDS Aladin, and ESA VOSpec. All interaction between application is done via PLASTIC. Small java applet, implementing PLASTIC messaging is integrated in every page of this archive. It is used to interact with other software components mentioned below.

All these VO tools can be run either as Java applets, or as Java Web-Start applications (preferrably). You will need Java Virtual Machine version 1.5 or higher. If you do not have the Java plug-in installed, please follow this link to learn more about Java and download the plug-in.

If you start VOSpec or/and Euro3D Client as applets and then close this window, the tools will be closed together with it and you will need to restart them. That's why it is recommended to use the Java WebStart versions.

If your browser does not recognize how to handle Java WebStart *.jnlp files automatically, please establish the association of this format with javaws binary existing in your system.

CDS Aladin is used to display positions of IFU fibers or slit pixels on the sky, possibly with the archival images at the background. PLASTIC hub, provided by CDS Aladin is used by all other applications to intercommunicate, therefore Aladin should be started before them. Click here to launch the Java WebStart version of Aladin, or here to start an applet (not recommended).
You will need VO-Paris Euro3D Client to deal with the datasets in the Euro3D FITS format. This tool interacts with CDS Aladin and ESA VOspec to display position of the fibers (or slit) on the sky and display individual extracted spectra. Catalogue of positions of fibers (or slit pixels) can be exported into the VOTable format. Individual spectra can be extracted from the Euro3D FITS file and exported as VOTable serialization of the IVOA Spectrum Data Model 1.0. Click here to launch the Java WebStart version of the tool, or here to start it as an applet (not recommended).
ESA VOSpec is used to display extracted spectra from the Euro3D files. You can also identify spectral lines, fit line profiles, build multiwavelength SED's using data coming from other VO resources with VOSpec. Click here to launch the Java WebStart version of ESA VOSpec, or here to start an applet.