ASPID stands for the "Archive of Spectral, Photometric, and Interferometric Data". The world largest collection of raw 3D spectroscopic observations of galactic and extragalactic sources observed with the Russian 6-m telescope of Special Astrophysical Observatory. ASPID-SR is a prototype of an archive of heterogeneous science ready data, fed by ASPID, where we try to exploit all the power of the IVOA Characterisation Data Model. Multi-level Characterisation metadata is provided for every dataset. The archive provides powerful metadata query mechanism with access to every data model element, vital for the efficient scientific usage of a complex informational system. We provide a set of access interfaces: SIAP/SSAP, HTTP-based characterisation metadata query, Web-service accepting ADQL/x.

We use PostgreSQL DBMS for storing XML metadata, described by the IVOA Characterisation Data Model. System makes heavy use of initial XML type support in the PostgreSQL in order to provide comprehensive search over Characterisation metadata tree. This web interface implements HTTP-GET/POST based access and almost direct translation of the query parameter name into XPath of the data model element in the XML serialisation.

More details of technical implementation and idea behind it are available in the ADASS-XVI posters:
If this observational archive helped to your research, please mention its URL in the Acknowledgments and cite the following reference: Chilingarian et al., 2007, ASP Conference Series, Vol. 376, p. 217.

Authors would like to thank CDS Aladin and ESA VOSpec teams for their rapid response and user support.