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ASPID - ...russian mythological dragon...  (V.Dal, Advanced Dictionary, p.27,18



ASPID - the observational data archive containing results of observations conducted by the laboratory team on the 6-m Telescope (begginning from 31.12.1989). It includes observational data obtained with Integral Field Spectrograph (MPFS), Multi Object Fiber Spectrograph (MOFS), 'Long Slit Spectrograph' (LS), Fabry-Perrot Interferometer (old focal reducer till 2000 yr) and BTA Optical Reducer (SCORPIO). Description of the instruments could be found on laboratory homepage. Observational data presented in ASPID obtained on the 6-m Telescope for different observational programms and are included into data archive as coming from Telescope in FITS format. The author of the observational programm and the identification of the programm could be found in each detaled data set description presented in database.

Exclusive use of the data sets obtained on the 6-m Telescope granted for two years period (Time Allocation Commetee decision) to the authors of the observational programm. After this delay data sets become available for astronomical community with obligatory remarks, when data sets are used in publications : " for the publication we used data obtained on the 6-m Telescope for the observational programm (name of the programm), author of the programm (name of the programm author)".Here we presents only a part of ASPID-archive which gives possibility to look into the database in order to find the object of interest and detailes of observations of the object. Data sets themself could be recieved via FTP by request from archive manager (, if they open for common use.

ASPID for the moment of release (19.02.2007) contains more then 92 Gb zipped data on 163 CDROM discs in ISO9660 format. Archive updates we make once in one - two months, in connection with data flow coming from Telescope.All questions related to the ASPID, please, forward to archive manager (

                          Input Information

Field Name


Object Name The object name. (The match is not case sensitive.Spaces are not important
Instrument Name of the instrument used in observation :
  • Multi Pupil Fiber Spectrograph
  • Multi Object Fiber Spectrograph
  • Interferometer Fabry-Perot
  • Long Slit Spectrograph
Observation Date Date of observation specified in ( form.
Return a Maximum of ... Rows Maximum number of rows per page.

                         Output information :

Field Name Description
Target Name of the target object.
Obs Date Date of observation.
Exposure Exposure time (sec).
R.A.(2000.0) Right Ascention (for 2000.0 epoch)
DEC(2000.0) Declination (for 2000.0 epoch)
Instrument Instrument name
Dataset Dataset filename. You should include dataset filename in your e-mail request.

                          Observation Parameter

Field Name Description
Instrument Instrument identification
Detector Type of detector
Observation Date Date of observation (
Exposure Time Exposure time (in sec)
Start Exposure Starting exposure time
Imagetype Type of image
Position Angle Position angle
Parallactic Angle Parallactic angle
Zenith Distance Zenith distance at the beginning of exposure
R.A. Right Ascention (telescope)
DEC Declination (telescope)
Azimuth Azimuth angle at the beginning of exposure

                         Image Parameters

Field Name Description
Filter Number or name of used filter
Binning CCD parameters
Gain CCD parameters
DATA max
DATA min
Size Image size (px)

                        Spectral Parameters

Field Name Description
Grating Number of grating used in observation
Spectral range
Tilt Angle of grating tilt

                        Other Information

Field Name Description
Dataset Name of dataset file
Observers List of observers
Prog. Id. Name of program
Author Principal investigator in program
Seeing Seeing in arcsec

How To Request?

                In your request e-mail message please point dataset filename you need.